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Currency transactions

Currency transactionsForeign exchange transactions - all activities related to the movement of capital. In the modern foreign exchange market are made different kinds of currency transactions.

Transactions on the conversion with instant delivery, forward contracts, purchase and sale of SWAP, the transaction ORDER and margin trading.

In aggregate currency transactions are foreign exchange market. The subjects of such a market may be the central and commercial banks, firms, investment companies, pension funds and hedge funds, insurance companies, currency exchanges and brokers, as well as private individuals.

Foreign exchange transactions are based on the fact that exchange rates are constantly changing in relation to each other. Proper assessment of the trends of the economy can benefit from this situation.

The vast majority of actions in the financial market - it's foreign exchange operations of commercial banks. Carried out through banks and deposit-credit currency conversion. Banks can not only fulfill customer orders, but they themselves carry out the activities of buying and selling currencies.

The international currency market Forex is a market, which is based on transactions between banks. Market spot for a bank of approximately $ 5 million. Conversion fees range from 60 to 300 dollars. In addition, about 6 thousand dollars a month is required as the cost of interbank clearing - the trading platform. In this regard, conversion of small amounts of money on the international Forex market is not implemented. However, this does not mean that those with the small amounts, there is no progress on the forex market. Through a financial broker can be beneficial to trading on the Forex .

It is important to choose the right broker - to assess how beneficial terms of cooperation, how long this broker on the market, as it had worked? How is the accounting currency transactions, etc.

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