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How to invest money?

Before you decide to send a stream of accumulation, to preserve and increase their worth to clarify for themselves what the economy does not stand still, constantly moving and evolving. And such factors as the global economic crisis can not make their own adjustments to the balance of forces in the area of ​​investment.

There is, perhaps, the two statements that were relevant in an era of economic turmoil all:

  • Money lying dead load of cash, sooner or later will be ruthlessly eaten by inflation. And this is absolutely not affected by where they are - at home or in the deposit box. Just in case the latter will have to pay your cash melting "accommodation."
  • All money in the world are not limited to a single currency. Currency much. And then they keep getting more expensive, the cheaper relative to each other. And it would be highly imprudent to not take advantage of this fact for their own enrichment.

In any case, choosing for themselves a reliable and convenient way of saving money should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each of the existing ones:

Your Business

If you decide to put their savings to open and support their own business, you should be aware that this is a stress on you require, ranging from business plan development and ending with the embodiment of his life in such a way that paid off not only investment, but and sleepless nights, and spent the nerve cells and the time you could spend an alternate way.

To some extent their own business can not be considered a store of money, but rather a way of life. So if you're not ready to radically change the customary way of life, it is better not to risk their savings.

Alien Business

This version is able to bear fruit in that case, if you invest in a really promising project. In this case you should at least understand the issues well in this business, to personally be sure of success.

Precious metals

Contributions to the precious metals, as well as any bank deposits, have certain characteristics. First of all - the impossibility of quick profit. Moreover, the specificity of many of the precious metals deposits in the fact that the income derived from them are also converted into gold.

Jewelry, antiques

This method of saving money is really only by connoisseurs as the true value of many antiques, often depends not only on the number of shiny stones in the necklace or the lack of scratches on the box of the XVII century. Even culturological education, which can boast not all, does not guarantee a decent standard of competence in this matter.

Mutual funds

This method of saving funds subject to all the possible economic risks, and not excluded by the fact that manage your money is not the most experienced and qualified specialist. And in this case, the risk of "burn" excessively increased.

Also, find out what is the return on investments can only be in case of sale of the unit - by subtracting the initial price of the final. If successful, scenario.


Trading on the stock market not only requires high competence, but also considerable financial investments - minimum stake is worth several thousand dollars. However, their owner must be in constant tension, not to lose the money invested.

Bank deposits

Deposits are again becoming popular service banks. This is due mainly to the fact that the finances are now the deficit even in the banks who can not as easily as a "pre-crisis" time to give multiple loans. Disadvantages of this method of embedding is that the banks as in the past are not immune from bankruptcy, and because they trust funds over a long period can be fraught for your budget. Short-term investments barely cover inflation, and the closure of the deposit before the expiration of the term and what does nullify whatever gains.

Buy real estate

The main advantage and disadvantage at the same time the real estate market - its slowness. In other words, if trends in the reduction of prices you can save a portion of the costs incurred. However, there are a few things you should consider before deciding to take this step. When buying real estate there are additional expenses related to the cost of ownership. In addition to "dovlozhenie" to such an attachment can not be removed as part of their investment.


Another way to increase your savings - bid on the international currency market Forex. This method has several advantages to the above, and here's why:

  • Ability to earn on reselling currency is at any state of the global economy - and in a crisis, and during the ascent.
  • You do not need to wait a long time until the "drip" interest. Substantial profits can be obtained as soon as possible. It all depends on you.
  • All decisions regarding your finances are taking you exclusively.
  • To start the bidding does not require astronomical amounts of money - just $ 10.
  • The market operates around the clock from Monday to Friday. You can conduct trades at any time convenient for you.
  • The Commission will be deducted only from profitable trades.
  • Detailed training system and convenient program for analysts Rumus contribute early understanding of essence, and hence the early success.

International currency market Forex - Your way to a profitable investment and increase funds.

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