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Saturday, 20.10.2018, 18:44
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The currency is called and the monetary system and monetary units of a country. Also, this term is often understood as a currency of other countries and the amount on the balance sheet.

In the latter case, the currency is called - balance sheet.

According to the state issuing the currency may be a foreign national or a collective - such as the euro. All currencies of the world are classified according to different indicators.

One of the most important is the issue of currency convertibility, ie its ability to be exchanged for another currency. In this respect, includes such types of currency, as a freely convertible, partially convertible and nonconvertible.

Convertible currencies are exchanged at a rate that depends on various economic and political reasons. Exchange Rates of the world are in constant motion relative to each other, so the resale of currencies can be sold quite a handsome profit. It is on this principle trading in the international financial Forex market.

Currently, the Forex currency trading can be done online, ie via the Internet. This significantly improves the activity on the Forex.

Since the foreign exchange market operates around the clock during the week, in order to profit around the clock, you need to find a broker working in the same mode.

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