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Monetary relations and exchange system

Monetary relations and exchange systemUnder the monetary system means an organization of financial relations in the sphere of national and international currency. Monetary relations and exchange rate system based on the gold standard - the guarantor of the stability of currency and free movement of capital.

A striking point in world financial history was the creation of the Bretton Woods monetary system. Organizations such as the World Monetary Fund and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development have come out due to this monetary system. It has contributed to the emergence of exchange relations based on the fact that the U.S. dollar is the key currency and its exchange rate fixed to gold. For the currencies of the participating systems were installed solid exchange rates.

The development of international monetary relations contributed to the emergence of the international financial Forex market. Thanks to the free convertibility of currencies and their various courses, as well as the fact that exchange rates are constantly moving relative to each other, the owners of capital the opportunity to make a purchase and sale of currencies. However, bid on the Forex market is mainly the prerogative of commercial banks and financial brokers, because of the conditions of trading. Due to the high fees and payment of trade and information terminal, small amounts are converted at the market. You can participate in the auction, using the services of a Financial Broker.

Currently, there are quite a number of firms offering brokerage services, but few are able to offer a truly beneficial terms of cooperation and ensure its reliability.

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