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The strategy for moving averages

The strategy for moving averagesThe fact that such a trading strategy, even today knows a newbie FOREX. Trading strategies - simple and complex - now known scores. One of the most popular and oldest strategy is a strategy for moving averages. It belongs to the category of simple, but it does not detract from its effectiveness. This strategy is suitable for beginners, because of its simplicity, and professionals due to its reliability.

It is the observance of this strategy - the cause of most profitable trades on Forex . Under the moving average means the average value of the instrument for any period of time, such as three weeks. Thus, the mean value illustrates the main trends of the market and the mood of investors - in a professional environment to divide the mood, as a result of the analysis, the "bullish" and "bearish".

This strategy is very truthfully reflects all key trends in the FOREX market and allows you to trade in the right direction. In this case perhaps its only drawback is a delay of signals. The greater the length of time over which the average measured value, the more defined trend. At the same time increases the delay of average values ​​in relation to the course. That's why, when working with moving averages is important to determine for themselves in the middle.

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