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FOREX - the world of financial freedomInternational financial markets offer unique opportunities to extract huge profits. Constituting a backbone of the leading economies, financial markets regulate the entire process of global trade, beginning with aluminum and oil and even ending with cocoa. An integral part of the global financial markets - with cash transactions on the Forex, trading financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities and financial futures.

Trading volumes are huge. Daily turnover only Forex - international market exchange rates of more than $ 4 trillion a day. This daily turnover is much higher than the total value of shares changing their masters in the world stock exchanges during the whole year. The possibility of fast and unlimited profits while working with these instruments - the reason why many businesses prefer to Forex and commodity markets work on the sites ... Read more »
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First steps in ForexThe first steps for the foreign exchange market Forex: move from simple to complex, to make decisions, learn from your mistakes, but rather the mistakes of others, your system - your benefit, discipline - the key to success, a reasonable risk - acceptable risk, let profits grow properly build the pyramid of trade, commerce - Marathon for life, use the cyclicity of the results, study the psychology of traders.

1. Move from simple to complex. Choose any one market (for example, USD / JPY) and learn its history at least the last ten years (the more stories the better). Scroll to chart trends, support and resistance levels, see how prices behave in the approaches to these levels. ... Read more »
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