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Forex (FOREX)The forex market has recently become better known. And if you're reading this, then he is intrigued by her and you profitability. You'll probably come to learn how you can earn on it.

I will not write when it was formed, as there, its turnover, we are not so important. Most importantly we learn to earn on Forex market.

First you need to get on the forex market. It is very simple. In our country there are many companies that provide access to trading in the forex market. Terms and reliability of these companies is different. Many people ask me how to choose a company where an account?

I can only reply, as I do. I enter the site under "about us" and read it. I choose the companies that are not the first time, it is a guarantee that the company ephemera and will not disappear with my money. Next, I look at whether the license granted, many big companies, which provide access to ... Read more »
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Stock exchangeThe value of the stock exchanges on the economy is very large. The main reason is that a very large part of the national wealth of all countries turned into a movable property. State joint-stock company in the growing use as loans. With the development of credit relations created new types of obligations, and each of them is multiplied by itself, with new values. For sales of debt it took the market and that market was specially created institution - the Stock Exchange.

According to their legal status, stock exchanges may be associations (USA), joint stock companies (UK, Japan) or government bodies subordinate to the Ministry of Finance (France). Exchange members can only be specialized in operations with securities exchange (brokerage) firms. Key positions on major stock exchanges usually takes 10-15 lead brokers, each of which has a huge equity.

The whole range listed on th ... Read more »
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