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Saturday, 20.10.2018, 18:45
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Forex for Dummies: buzzword or the modern workplace?How often do you and I is such that he had heard some very famous word, but certainly can not remember its meaning? And interestingly enough, over time, a word or a phenomenon ceases so popular, that does not know its meaning becomes embarrassing. Today we talk about international currency market Forex ...
Forex - Foreign Exchange Market of the international level, which is a certain kind of global financial market. Like any financial "flea market" for each player is a forex profit from the difference in prices when buying and selling foreign currency.

Trader (yes, from the English word trader-«trader," said bidder on the world markets) constantly monitors changes in foreign exchange rates and makes purchases and sales of certain amounts of different currencies. The reason for changing course toward a decrease or increase may be a number of developmen ... Read more »
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