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The deposit forex

The deposit forexIn previous lessons on this site, we saw how to open a trading account forex trading, consider the term "security forex", as well as consider how to manage money in the forex when opening an account and within a trading account, ie talked about the basis of a profitable and safe trading on Forex - about Mani forex management .

In today's lesson on safety, forex, we'll talk about what is on profit you can expect when trading in the forex market, namely how much you can earn on Forex it is safe, based on the size of your opening deposit (trading account) and the rules of Money Management Forex .

You also learn how to calculate the amount for which you need to open a forex deposit in order to obtain the desired amount on the forex, with persistent and most importantly, trading with the safe, which means not putting their money greater risks of loss.

And so, we already know that trading in the Forex can profit maximally protect yourself against losing, and you automatically increase your chances for himself to remain in the forex market for a long time and make a profit on a continuous basis and steadily increasing its capital.

And there's the opposite way to trade forex - trade, not paying attention to all the rules and regulations of the forex market, but your chances of remaining in the forex market for a long time can be reduced to almost zero, although it is possible that you will even be a few times and earn money quite possibly even withdraw.

I think you just choose the 1st method because Still, you somehow got to this site and reading this article ...

So let's look at how you can depend your future profits from the size of the deposit on the forex market. This relationship in a safe Forex trading course, exist.

Professional Forex traders (I know, and by its trade as well), on average, earn 20% - 30% profit per month to its original size of the deposit at the beginning of the month. Of course this depends on your profit strategy, forex, of risks taken, but still in forex trading, you should understand that if you continually make 20-30% of your monthly depot at the beginning of the month - then you really have reached a high level in trading, even if not professionalism, that is, you took a forex trader!

What is 20-30% in the numbers? - But it's about:

from $ 1000 per month you get $ 200-300 (in cents, respectively, and this will be the same number, just in cents)

from $ 100 - get $ 20-30

10 000 $ - $ 2000-3000

and of course if you want to earn $ 10 000 per month, and should understand that your deposit forex should be at least $ 35000-50000 ... And do not forget that this is the free assets, ie the tools that you run the risk of loss (as we said earlier in the lesson on safety Forex " Forex Money Management ... ")

Of course I would get 100% and 200% per month, but you must understand that in one month and you get 100% to the depot, the second 50%, third 10%, and a month can make a profit and 0% -10%, -20%. Therefore, the average profitability of 20% - 30% - is quite good!

Get more - all excellent, but nevertheless the experience of it is this interest and follows ...

So decide now what the same depot you need to make your forex additional income, and of course all the time!

And we must understand that I have given you the ratio of profit to the deposit is for experienced forex traders, ie at a time when you have learned to trade, have become a disciplined trader forex: follow all the rules of forex trading strategies bezprikoslovno, rules mani management and control of capital.

And at the initial moment, while you're still just learning to trade forex, you should be aware that% of the profit or loss in a month may be different ...

Announcement of the following lessons for Security forex. They will talk about:

1) Discipline forex trader, and about why discipline is so important in a safe trading forex?

2) The Psychology of forex trading and the importance of correct mental attitude trader in forex trading, as well as about the role that psychology plays in the life of the forex trader?
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