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Wednesday, 12.12.2018, 20:32
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International Currency codesIn order to communicate in one language, all the participants of currency trading accept and comply with the time formed the international standards and regulations. For example, for the representation of currencies in all transactions carried out in writing, as well as their confirmation apply the so-called ISO-codes (ISO - International Organization for Standardization). They are also associated with international payments.

Single currency code is composed of three letters: the first two letters denote the country, the third - the currency.

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Forex: The main currency market participantsCommercial banks
They spend the bulk of foreign exchange transactions. In the banks holding accounts of other market participants and carry with them the necessary conversion and deposit-lending operations. Bank as it accumulates (through transactions with customers), the aggregate market demand for currency conversions as well as in drawing / placing funds in and out with them at other banks. In addition to satisfying clients' requests, banks can operate independently and at their own expense.
In the end, the foreign exchange market is a market of interbank dealings, and, speaking afterwards about the movement of exchange rates and interest rates, one should bear in mind the interbank foreign exchange market. On world currency markets have t ... Read more »
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Forex: Myths and RealityMyth: Forex - is like playing in a casino.

Reality: In fact - this exchange trading.
According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) crednesutochny turnover of the Forex market is more than 1.7 trillion dollars! This is the international currency exchange market, which earn thousands of banks, investment companies and private individuals. The only similarity to the casino - is that if you make trades, hoping only for good luck - you can quickly how to lose capital, as well as in several times to increase it.
The difference is that the casino you can not always win, but here it's real. It is a fact. In addition, the casino game you like, nobody will give credit - will look at you like crazy. By working at ... Read more »
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FOREX - the world of financial freedomInternational financial markets offer unique opportunities to extract huge profits. Constituting a backbone of the leading economies, financial markets regulate the entire process of global trade, beginning with aluminum and oil and even ending with cocoa. An integral part of the global financial markets - with cash transactions on the Forex, trading financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities and financial futures.

Trading volumes are huge. Daily turnover only Forex - international market exchange rates of more than $ 4 trillion a day. This daily turnover is much higher than the total value of shares changing their masters in the world stock exchanges during the whole year. The possibility of fast and unlimited profits while working with these instruments - the reason why many businesses prefer to Forex and commodity markets work on the sites ... Read more »
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First steps in ForexThe first steps for the foreign exchange market Forex: move from simple to complex, to make decisions, learn from your mistakes, but rather the mistakes of others, your system - your benefit, discipline - the key to success, a reasonable risk - acceptable risk, let profits grow properly build the pyramid of trade, commerce - Marathon for life, use the cyclicity of the results, study the psychology of traders.

1. Move from simple to complex. Choose any one market (for example, USD / JPY) and learn its history at least the last ten years (the more stories the better). Scroll to chart trends, support and resistance levels, see how prices behave in the approaches to these levels. ... Read more »
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FOREX trading robotFrom mistakes in trading is not insured, no player in the market FOREX. To avoid them, set up trading robots. This is special software that automatically calculates the best pasture conditions of purchase and independently carry out management of financial flows trader. As practice shows, robots, acting under competent algorithm can cope well with finding the most favorable moment for a deal on Forex.

Today, the network can find a huge variety of options for automated trading systems FOREX, both free and for a very decent price. The price of the robot does not affect its performance. ... Read more »

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The strategy for moving averagesThe fact that such a trading strategy, even today knows a newbie FOREX. Trading strategies - simple and complex - now known scores. One of the most popular and oldest strategy is a strategy for moving averages. It belongs to the category of simple, but it does not detract from its effectiveness. This strategy is suitable for beginners, because of its simplicity, and professionals due to its reliability.

It is the observance of this strategy - the cause of most profitable trades on Forex . ... Read more »

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Financial bettingThe word "betting" from the English Bet - bet bet is translated as, indeed, in a general sense, betting - is a kind of wager, bet on your part. You make forecast on the exchange rate of any currency, in the same way as other market participants. Ultimately, the "bet" wins, whose prediction came true. Betting does not require a high initial amounts.

Financial betting is activity on trading contracts for a variety of financial instruments - stocks, indices, currencies. The scheme allows betting to bet on changes in exchange rates, stocks, etc. ... Read more »

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Money ManagementIn the economic environment has long run such a thing as trust capital management. This asset management implies that the owner of requests to turn in the market to commission a third party profit. This attachment method is advantageous because, charging money management competent person, you get a much better chance of profit than if you were involved in trafficking their own. Asset management - the service is quite common in many areas of the economy - securities, currencies, etc.

The main advantage of such a step - an opportunity to make a profit instead of paying with their time on market analysis, conclusion of contra ... Read more »

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Forex Trading StrategiesLike any responsible financial services, trading in the international financial Forex market can not obey only the mood of the trader. In his choice he must be guided by certain principles that guarantee the success of the transaction. The totality of these principles is called a trading strategy. Each trader selects a suitable method to work at Forex. Strategy can be implemented independently, but you can set an automatic trading system.

There are a myriad of trading strategies forex. Talk about what is better, what is worse - some impermissible. ... Read more »

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