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Forex: Myths and Reality

Forex: Myths and RealityMyth: Forex - is like playing in a casino.

Reality: In fact - this exchange trading.
According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) crednesutochny turnover of the Forex market is more than 1.7 trillion dollars! This is the international currency exchange market, which earn thousands of banks, investment companies and private individuals. The only similarity to the casino - is that if you make trades, hoping only for good luck - you can quickly how to lose capital, as well as in several times to increase it.
The difference is that the casino you can not always win, but here it's real. It is a fact. In addition, the casino game you like, nobody will give credit - will look at you like crazy. By working at Forex - successful traders are in control of hundreds of millions of dollars. Treating the Forex as a business, working systematically and seriously - the number of failures can be minimized, and the number of profitable trades is increasing.

Myth: Earning depends on chance and luck

Reality: Making steady to learn!
Forecasting exchange rates involved in hundreds of analytical agencies, banks and investment banks around the world (Merrill Lynch, Standard & Poor's, etc.). Some traders, of course, consider forex as a hobby, and it really can be one of the most interesting hobby that allows you not only waste money but also earn them by learning with many new and useful. Analysts observe at present, practically boom in hedge funds, who make speculative transactions on the Forex market.

There is a common belief that to make a stock trading - that is the lot of the elect, that only few can do in this capital.
Indeed, earlier it was.
Now, brokers, securities or currencies to have in their home state, thousands of banks in countries where this trend is already heavily developed. (U.S., Eurozone, Japan)
In Russia it is almost not there, because this business is just starting.
A well-known fact that the income of many investment banks and hedge funds is largely from short-term operations such as currency speculation.
Having mastered the profession of trader you are, in addition to trade the forex market, get the skills that will help you to make your own budget and allocate assets.
For example, the Americans have their own private financial advisor, whose services are very expensive. Probably, everyone understands that, depending on the currency in which you hold the money - or you will receive an additional profit or lose on the difference in rates.
For example, the recent fall in the dollar against the hryvnia, the dollar against the euro - all this can be predicted, and those who did it, who transferred his savings to 2004 hryvnia at 20% per annum - got in the end 30% per annum in foreign currency due to exchange rate ! This profitability can not boast of many banks.
All of this to the fact that, after learning basic operation of global markets, economic laws, the events that affect the rate you can correctly disposing of their own means to get extra income.

Myth: Forex trading requires special financial education.

Reality: Trading the Forex can be a person with absolutely any entity.
It is important intelligence and the ability to restrain emotions. By learning to work in the forex market, you will gain valuable and useful skills in the future. Here, learn to react quickly to changes in data to compare the huge flows of information exchange on which the analysis of your future transactions. Many successful traders have had no higher education, but have the necessary analytical skills.

Myth: Forex trading requires large amounts that are inaccessible to ordinary people.

Reality: Start your own Forex trading can be $ 200.
Such an opportunity for individuals appeared with an introduction to the world of "margin trading". It is trading with leverage. The idea is that to buy a certain amount of currency you need to have only 1% of contract value. The rest of your loan (a loan free of charge), your brokerage firm at the time of the transaction. Then the loan automatically responds back, and all profits earned by using it is you. No commission on Forex market does not.

Myth: It's not for our country. Trading on the stock exchange - this is only for western countries.

Reality: Forex in Russian is available to all.
In Russia, you can trade on Forex via brokers, middlemen who you give access to the forex market. You get a set of documents, which guarantees reliable operation of the brokerage company.
The company you get a free special software through which you are connecting to the Internet, make a deal for buying and selling currencies. Orders are given to you on sledke just one click.

Myth: Earning may be possible, but it is not clear how to withdraw their money.

Reality: Withdrawal takes place in one day.
Earned income is recorded automatically in the window of the software. To get your earned money, you fill out a special statement, pass it to the company and get their profits in cash or in any other way convenient for you.

Myth: Most people lose money.

Reality: Most people are coming to market, not having mastered the basic techniques of analysis.

Myth: This activity is time-consuming. I run the risk of losing the work.
Ministry of Statistics data on the U.S. annually, in the U.S. registers millions of new businesses, 80 - 85% of them - do not live more than two years.
In trading, the ratio is roughly the same, with the difference that determine whether you have the ability to trade can be quite fast.
You, as a trader, to organize their business on the forex market, its trade. If you organize it correctly - you earn and grow. In business, you can constantly learn and become more successful businessman, and you can not learn from mistakes - then your age is not long. If you can make money on the Forex market or on another stock market - you will trust the huge capital.

Reality: You alone decide how to spend the time to make deals.
This work does not require you to permanent residence in front of a computer monitor. You can make a few trades a day and can make good, profitable trades several times a week. In addition, the Forex market operates around the clock so you can work evening, night, or simply parallel to the main work. You can trade from any location. By installing a computer program at work, you are not looking up from the Minister, enter into transactions at any time of day.
Does not follow from the more deals a big profit. Transactions must be balanced, thoughtful, and as a result - profitable.
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