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Trade forex...

Friday, 19.04.2019, 22:01
Forex  forex... Advertizing about forex from different directions.

 What is such
forex? And whether it is possible to earn on forex? On this page we also will understand.

 First of all we will understand that this such. Forex is an international currency stock exchange with a turn from 3 trillion dollars. I.e. daily at this stock exchange money of such volumes is scrolled. At this currency stock exchange buy and various large players - basically banks of the various states which buy sell currency or sell currency depending on the requirements. The auctions by currency go in great volumes and to the usual person there the input is closed.

 And how then to be the rest, not to banks? Are for this purpose created
brokers the centers. Problem broker to accumulate positions of clients broker and to deduce for example a difference on the market форекс. There is a truth some "kitchens" which at all don't deduce money of clients on форекс. Them рассчет to be reduced to that that 95 % all the same lose the money. And time so - that at all it is not necessary to deduce them. And if suddenly there is a trader who begins successfully - that of such trader of kitchen try to survive from broker... Since the prizes it... Puts loss broker. One of such kitchens - broker Aipari which "has asked" to leave the trader from broker since it systematically increased the deposit.

 You probably have paid attention, what 95 % of traders lose the money? Yes. It is valid SO. Therefore not so trust advertizing banners which assure you in fast and good money. Most likely will be fast having merged your money. To become the successful trader 1.5-2 years are necessary a minimum. A minimum! Very much I recommend article "How to become the trader". It very precisely describes stages of formation of the trader. All stages from the person who through it has passed. And when you will try to work on
forex - you will feel these stages.
 And why 95 % lose? For the answer to this question at first it is necessary to understand whence money on
forex. They from air can't undertake. And so. The income of the successful traders, those which enter into 5 % is formed from... Loss not successful traders. From here and money.