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How to choose PAMM the account

How to choose operating PAMM accounts?How to choose operating PAMM accounts?

Investment in PAMM-ACCOUNTS – one of few tools of investment who on profitableness in times exceeds the bank deposit, but thus it is quite accessible to investors of middle class – for reception of appreciable financial result to enclose some thousand dollars enough.
But at such investment there are also certain risks. The managing director can, owing to unsuccessful trade, suffer a loss, including completely to "merge" the account and then, the investor instead of profit, will count up losses.

If to take PAMM-ACCOUNTS of the broker companies we will see that one managing directors trade half a year and have stable positive result though there are also periods to negative result, and other managing directors thus suppose plums of the account within 4-6 weeks.

On what all the same first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the investor to choose reliable managing directors?

1. Term of trade of the managing director
The investor should pay attention not to that term which is specified by the managing director as the experience on Forex as who from managing directors is rare names term of less than several years, and term of its trade on concrete PAMM to the account, and it is important, that this account was in open access from the very beginning of trade and that on it to the account there was a sum not in 100 dollars, and at least in some thousand. It will be good, if the PAMM-ACCOUNT where you want to put up money, there is already enough long period.
The logic here is clear – last results don't give a guarantee future, but allow to estimate qualification of the managing director. The long time period is necessary to be convinced that good results are a natural result of work of trading system, instead of accident. After all to earn 10 % for a day or 30 % for a week, it is possible, simply having guessed price movement in the necessary direction, less possibly casually to show good result on monthly results. And show good result for half a year the professional can only, and here there is no place to accidents.
The large sum on the account and the information on the account from the very beginning of trade is necessary not to fall into a trap unfair traders who open some accounts, open positions divergently, and to investors show only the account with the best results.

2. Maximum a procorf
This indicator interests us from the point of view of the risks inherent in trading system of this or that managing director. The high indicator maximum says procorfs that the given managing director strongly risks and not seldom hopes for good luck which from it will turn away sooner or later. The more low the indicator maximum procorfs, the is less than chances of reception of losses or plum of the account at the given managing director. Is comprehensible to invest in managing directors with an indicator maximum procorfs to 50 %.

3. The size of own capital of the managing director
It is very important point as it answers a question, how much given managing director trusts in the successful trade. After all if he suggests investors to put in it PAMM, promising them stable profit with low risks why he won't use possibility to invest the capital in the trade?
If the managing director doesn't place as own capital at least 5 thousand dollars (and it is better than 10 thousand and more) he has simply decided to earn that on trade in another's money with the minimum risks for itself(himself) and with such managing directors it is better not to communicate.

4. The trading period and quantity of transactions
Some managing directors open a considerable quantity of transactions every which way and on different steams. Then positive transactions are closed, and negative collect that sooner or later leads to heavy losses or even to account plum. But at the beginning such managing director involves investors with high profitableness as, the more openly, the it is more than transactions from them it appears in plus. Such managing directors say that they trade on long-term strategy, and still name set of special terms from the technical analysis. In practice such strategy gives swindle a little.
Therefore it is better to choose managing directors with the trading period from a week about one month provided that they close all transactions before the period termination.

5. Profitableness for the last some months
Investments into Forex is a risk. Investing in Forex everyone of us it is ready to full or partial loss of means. Therefore this risk should be compensated high profitableness, for investments into Forex I consider as is minimum comprehensible level of 100 % annual. And under 30-50 % annual it is possible to invest in more safe spheres, rather than маржинальная trade on Forex. Therefore try to choose the managing directors who have shown for last of some months profitableness for the investor in 6-10 %.

So, in PAMM it is necessary for investment:

• to Choose the managing director whom 3-4 months trade at least, and it is better it is more.
• Maximum a procorf PAMM accounts no more than 50 %
• Has placed on the account not less than 5-10 thousand dollars of the capital of the managing director.
• to Choose PAMM the account with the trading period no more than month and closes all transactions to the period termination.
• Profitableness for the investor on its account makes not less than 6-10 % a month.
• For a diversification of the investments to choose 3-5 PAMM accounts with different managing directors.

It is a little such managing directors, but they are, and allow to get stable enough profit...
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