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Main » 2012 » January » 4 » Councils from one of the most successful private traders of Germany.
Councils from one of the most successful private traders of Germany.

Councils from one of the most successful private traders of Germany.Ingeborga Mootts – almost typical German pensioner. It has more than 80 years, an ideal portrait of the average German of its age, if not one "but". Madam Mootts – one of the most successful private exchange traders of Germany. For eight years the lonely pensioner has managed to earn at a stock exchange of 500 thousand euro and isn't going to stop on the reached. Today it is rather popular in Germany, though, of course, not how the legendary investor Warren Baffet in the USA.

Some good advice from successful the trader – madams.

1. The beginning player should understand, what purposes he wants to reach. That is told in textbooks on business: a strategic target, tactical targets and so on. I always recommend to begin with the small: to buy, being guided by my technique, actions on one thousand euro and to lay down to itself the aim through certain time to become the owner of thousand actions of the companies entering into index DAX. So to say, to get the hand. It is the first and most important purpose at the initial stage. Because, as soon as you have one thousand actions of any of these companies, the volume of dividends which you receive, is already enough great, and for needy people it is always important to have though small, but a stable additional source of the income. As all of us are people rather poor, it is important to us to have possibility not to think of the most necessary expenditure and consequently dividends for us are very important. Besides, one thousand is such excellent magic number. The player should feel that to it carries. And if you in the property suddenly have one thousand actions of the large company with a century name, it gives beliefs in the forces.

2. The second council which I give: have patience, but be able to jump out of a train in time. Hold actions of not less year, but also no more than two years – in this time papers of large dear company for certain will grow up, but you won't have time to become attached to them that for certain would lead to financial losses.

3. The third council: you shouldn't concern money which have enclosed in the action, as to a grist for rainy day, as to means which you can start up if necessary for the consumer needs. It is postponed so it is postponed. Let's to them grow, help them, direct them, but don't deduce them from growth process. The passion to consumption is one of the main dangers to the exchange player. Yes, you can bowl off in a year-other and buy on the earned money the car. It is exact where better, than to take the consumer credit. But what further? Again to consider each euro? And if you have patience and will allow money to grow as early as two-three years, you can become the millionaire in a literal sense – and you any more won't have any financial problems. I always speak to those who asks my council: it is possible to spend only dividends.
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