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Councils from one of the most successful private traders of Germany.Ingeborga Mootts – almost typical German pensioner. It has more than 80 years, an ideal portrait of the average German of its age, if not one "but". Madam Mootts – one of the most successful private exchange traders of Germany. For eight years the lonely pensioner has managed to earn at a stock exchange of 500 thousand euro and isn't going to stop on the reached. Today it is rather popular in Germany, though, of course, not how the legendary investor Warren Baffet in the USA.

Some good advice from successful the trader – madams.

1. The beginning player should understand, what purposes he wants to reach. That is told in textbooks on business: a strategic target, tactical targets and so on. I always recommend to begin with the small: to buy, being guided by my technique, actions on one thousand euro and to lay down to itself the aim th ... Read more »
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How to become the successful trader?How to learn to earn in stock market? What it is more important for trader - ability to analyze or a scent? What personal talents and abilities are necessary for this purpose what to earn one million?

To become the successful trader, the special talent is really necessary. And you won't understand, there is it at you or not, don't test yet in the market. Sometimes gifted traders start to trade almost casually. For example, I know the real history which has occurred in division of company "Alor" in Ufa. One of traders who worked with money of the company and traded "in day", has somehow resulted in office of the son. For the 17-year-old boy all it looked simply new computer game. In 5 years this young man operated already with very serious sums, and his father looked on it in an office and asked: "the Pasha, what to you to bring - tea or coffee?" In 23 ... Read more »
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How to become the trader?Thanks to modern technologies, now almost any person can become the trader of the currency market форекс, at all without possessing thus the solid capital and special knowledge. However, I think, you would like to become not simply the trader, and to become the successful trader. And it already, unfortunately, is much more difficult …

Time has come to talk about the main thing in work of the trader. The main thing is to see that others do and IN TIME to join that movement which will occur because of their these actions and in time to leave this movement when it weakens.

All it is very easy to tell, and in all books it as a rule is told about trading, but it is very difficult to make. Why, you ask? Yes because price movement is equally effective very many forces, absolutely different strategy and tactics of trade which adhere (anything thus each other without speaking) differe ... Read more »
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