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Saturday, 20.10.2018, 18:43
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How to speculate on the Stock Exchange and earn, instead of to lose?On the one hand, to speculate on the Stock Exchange very simply: it is necessary to take shares cheaply, and to sell them expensively. Game in this case can be compared to coin tossing: has dropped out решка - buy, the eagle has dropped out - sell. Or as in the childhood, you played the drunkard, pull out a card behind a card and of what don't think. Unless in it there are any secrets? Here is how all is simple, you will tell! With such work to consult even the child! What for to study in, how to speculate on the Stock Exchange?

On the other hand, to speculate on the Stock Exchange difficult, how to play a backgammon or preference against real professionals. At a stock exchange a bycicle an element of chance, sometimes it goes against you and your transactions. Here then knowledge of are necessary how to play and win at a stock exchange ... Read more »
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