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Wednesday, 12.12.2018, 20:16
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Forex Trading StrategyPrior to each trader in the forex trading raises the question of how to make a stable forex market, the answer is a development of trading systems or trading strategy. Forex Trading Strategy set of rules under which the trader trades in the market forex.

Develop trading forex strategy - a complex process consisting of several interrelated steps. This whole procedure is quite simple, if a trader accurately perform each step in a forex strategy.

To achieve good results for forex trading strategy should be tailored to the temperaments and preferences a trader who will use it. A trader who is developing their own trading strategies forex trading, should be familiar with trading and the nature of the risk i ... Read more »

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The deposit forexIn previous lessons on this site, we saw how to open a trading account forex trading, consider the term "security forex", as well as consider how to manage money in the forex when opening an account and within a trading account, ie talked about the basis of a profitable and safe trading on Forex - about Mani forex management .

In today's lesson on safety, forex, we'll talk about what is on profit you can expect when trading in the forex market, namely how much you can earn on Forex it is safe, based on the size of your opening deposit (trading account) and the rules of Money Management Forex .

You also learn how to calculate the amount for which you need to open a forex deposit in order to obtain the desired amount on the forex, with persistent and most importantly, trading with the safe, which means not putting their money greater risks of loss.

And so, we alrea ... Read more »
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Forex for Dummies: buzzword or the modern workplace?How often do you and I is such that he had heard some very famous word, but certainly can not remember its meaning? And interestingly enough, over time, a word or a phenomenon ceases so popular, that does not know its meaning becomes embarrassing. Today we talk about international currency market Forex ...
Forex - Foreign Exchange Market of the international level, which is a certain kind of global financial market. Like any financial "flea market" for each player is a forex profit from the difference in prices when buying and selling foreign currency.

Trader (yes, from the English word trader-«trader," said bidder on the world markets) constantly monitors changes in foreign exchange rates and makes purchases and sales of certain amounts of different currencies. The reason for changing course toward a decrease or increase may be a number of developmen ... Read more »
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Forex (FOREX)The forex market has recently become better known. And if you're reading this, then he is intrigued by her and you profitability. You'll probably come to learn how you can earn on it.

I will not write when it was formed, as there, its turnover, we are not so important. Most importantly we learn to earn on Forex market.

First you need to get on the forex market. It is very simple. In our country there are many companies that provide access to trading in the forex market. Terms and reliability of these companies is different. Many people ask me how to choose a company where an account?

I can only reply, as I do. I enter the site under "about us" and read it. I choose the companies that are not the first time, it is a guarantee that the company ephemera and will not disappear with my money. Next, I look at whether the license granted, many big companies, which provide access to ... Read more »
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Stock exchangeThe value of the stock exchanges on the economy is very large. The main reason is that a very large part of the national wealth of all countries turned into a movable property. State joint-stock company in the growing use as loans. With the development of credit relations created new types of obligations, and each of them is multiplied by itself, with new values. For sales of debt it took the market and that market was specially created institution - the Stock Exchange.

According to their legal status, stock exchanges may be associations (USA), joint stock companies (UK, Japan) or government bodies subordinate to the Ministry of Finance (France). Exchange members can only be specialized in operations with securities exchange (brokerage) firms. Key positions on major stock exchanges usually takes 10-15 lead brokers, each of which has a huge equity.

The whole range listed on th ... Read more »
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Mantra to work on discipline The success of any trader depends on its discipline. Proportion of subjects in a successful trading is 90%.The formula is simple: trade with discipline - and you will succeed, or trade your undisciplined - and you lose.

For 20 years I am a trader and member of the Chicago Board of Trade - Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). During the successful operation of scalpers on the trading floors I had to trade in different markets: it was the 30-year Treasury bonds at CBOT, S & P 500 at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (Chicago Mercantile Exchange - CME), as well as securities on the London ... Read more »

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professional tradingAbe Kofnas is the president of an educational Web site for traders of the forex market - Learn4x.com. One of the fundamentals of understanding the global economy and changes in exchange rates - this is the role of gold. Trade in gold is rarely seen as a trading currency. However, there are some important relationships between gold and currency traders to the forex market should understand.

Adam Hamilton is a private investor and founder of "Zeal LLC", providing financial information and consulting services. Hamilton previously worked as an auditor and consultant with the six largest accounting firms. The company "Zeal LLC" analyzes the market in terms of opposites, and tries hard to apply the lessons of market history to the cu ... Read more »
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Interest RatesApproaches to the formation of the central bank interest rates on transactions as reducing inflation and ensuring the sustainability of the national currency.

In terms of the particular state interest rate policy has its own unique structure. The main instruments of the central bank's interest rate policy are the basic refinancing rate and bank rates on transactions in financial markets. The refinancing rate in the evolution of the monetary system has become more indicative measure, giving the economy a reference value of national currency in the medium term. Although it certainly can not deny the fact that the refinancing rate has a significant influence on the level of interest in the economy.

Interest rates on central bank operations in the financial market (hereinafter - the rat ... Read more »
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    Highlights of pricing in the market FOREXIn a full understanding of the rules of the "game" in the FOREX market and is largely the basis for success. The most sensitive issue in this case is the understanding and classification of action or a quoted bank dealer dealing center in order to determine whether an outright "catch" and "slow" or is it a real market prices and normal reaction. Knowing all the nuances of largely avoiding unsubstantiated claims and actually reduce some of the standard errors.

    Consider the specific situation:
    On the information terminal went critical data - certainly an interesting time to enter the market, most traders and immediately begins to ask quotation. What if this happens very often (we are talking about a situation when I got really ... Read more »
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Where to startMany now wonder: "Where to start, if you wish to trade on the stock market?" You can find the answer in this article.

You need only a beginning investor or trader think about what to do sosvoimi savings, as before it inevitably raises the question: "Where do I start?" In fact, do not put the same money at ridiculous interest to the bank. Such interest, then to the same and still not get it. If we consider also the very real prospect of losing to the same bank at all the entire amount, then the profit from this money order is quite obvious. About such thoughts tormented author, when he thought about the unenviable fate of investors who trust money every fraudsters. Perhaps this gave rise to, to go on the thorny path of speculators. Of course, first of all, ... Read more »
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