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professional tradingAbe Kofnas is the president of an educational Web site for traders of the forex market - Learn4x.com. One of the fundamentals of understanding the global economy and changes in exchange rates - this is the role of gold. Trade in gold is rarely seen as a trading currency. However, there are some important relationships between gold and currency traders to the forex market should understand.

Adam Hamilton is a private investor and founder of "Zeal LLC", providing financial information and consulting services. Hamilton previously worked as an auditor and consultant with the six largest accounting firms. The company "Zeal LLC" analyzes the market in terms of opposites, and tries hard to apply the lessons of market history to the cu ... Read more »
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Interest RatesApproaches to the formation of the central bank interest rates on transactions as reducing inflation and ensuring the sustainability of the national currency.

In terms of the particular state interest rate policy has its own unique structure. The main instruments of the central bank's interest rate policy are the basic refinancing rate and bank rates on transactions in financial markets. The refinancing rate in the evolution of the monetary system has become more indicative measure, giving the economy a reference value of national currency in the medium term. Although it certainly can not deny the fact that the refinancing rate has a significant influence on the level of interest in the economy.

Interest rates on central bank operations in the financial market (hereinafter - the rat ... Read more »
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